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Sump Pump Installation & Replacement

The sump pump, a remarkably simple yet effective device, ensures that our basements and crawl spaces remain dry and secure. If you are not familiar with the sump pump, and you live in a low-lying area, then continue reading to learn about the benefits of a sump pump installation. If you have an existing sump pump installation in Douglasville but it is causing issues, then call New Era Plumbing for quick and affordable sump pump repair. We also offer replacement services. Our team is on standby to answer any questions you may have.

Introducing the Sump Pump

A sump pump is an electric or battery-powered device designed to remove excess water from the lowest point of your home, typically found in basements or crawl spaces. Its primary purpose is to prevent flooding by pumping water away from the building, reducing the risk of water damage.
The sump pump is typically installed in a pit or basin known as a sump pit, which collects water from the perimeter drainage system. If a sump pit is not already in place, it needs to be dug and positioned.
The sump pump is placed in the pit and a discharge pipe is connected to the pump, leading water away from the foundation of the building. Further, a check valve is installed in the discharge pipe to prevent water from flowing back into the sump pit after the pump turns off.
When water enters the area, it fills the sump pit. When the water level reaches a specific point, the pump activates and sends out the water away from the building.

Sump Pump Installation

Caring For Your Sump Pump

Proper maintenance is crucial to keep your sump pump in top working condition. Periodically check the sump pit for debris, sediment, or any obstructions that may interfere with the pump's operation. Clean the pit as needed. Inspect the check valve for any blockages or damage as well.
Additionally, test the sump pump by pouring water into the pit until the float switch activates the pump. This ensures the pump responds as expected. If your sump pump has a battery backup, inspect and replace the battery as recommended by the manufacturer. A reliable battery is essential for operation during power outages.

When to Repair or Replace the Sump Pump

Sump pumps are robust devices, but they are not invincible. Over time, they can wear out or develop issues. Here are signs that may indicate it's time for sump pump repair or sump pump replacement in Douglasville:

  • Unusual noises like grinding, clanging, or loud vibrations,
  • Pump turns on and off more frequently than usual,
  • Sump pump is unable to keep up with the water entering the pit,
  • Physical damage to the pump, pit, or discharge pipe,
  • Pump is over ten years old and exhibiting issues,
  • Foul odors emanating from the sump pit,
  • Leaking water around the pump or from the discharge pipe.

Many times, a quick sump pump repair in Douglasville will have you back on track. Remember, even a sump pump replacement is more affordable than what the water damage could cost you. Make sure your sump pump is ready to eliminate water infiltrations. Call New Era Plumbing to hire a uniformed plumber today.

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