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Water Heater Replacement & Repair

While we rarely give our water heaters a second thought, a cold morning shower is usually enough to make us realize their importance in our daily lives. Thankfully, professional water heater services can help get the warmth back into your life. At New Era Plumbing, we offer high quality hot water heater tank installation, water heater repair and hot water heater tank replacement in Douglasville, Georgia, and nearby areas. 

Common Water Heater Problems

Water heaters are usually low-maintenance appliances, but they're not immune to issues. Here's a rundown of problems that might be causing problems:

Water Heaters
  • No Hot Water: You may have a faulty thermostat, or if you own a gas model, the pilot light might be out. 
  • Inconsistent Temperatures: If you experience random shifts from hot to cold, your heater might have sediment buildup that needs flushing out.
  • Leaks: Water pooling around your heater usually signals a leak, which can come from either the tank or the connections.
  • Odd Noises: Hearing strange sounds like popping or hissing? This is also a sign of sediment buildup or an issue with the heating element.

If you face any of these problems, a professional check-up is your best bet for a quick and effective fix.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs an Upgrade

Even the most reliable appliances have an expiration date. Here's how to know it's time to part ways with your old water heater:

  • Age Factor: Most water heaters last between 8-12 years. If yours is older, consider upgrading.
  • Rising Energy Bills: If you notice your energy bills going up without any substantial increase in usage, it may be due to an inefficient water heater.
  • Frequent Repairs: If you're making service calls more often than you call your relatives, it's time for a change.

Why Tankless Is the Smart Choice for Efficient Hot Water

Tankless water heaters are compact units that don't store water, so you can kiss goodbye to the dreaded out of hot water scenario. Instead, they heat water on-demand, so it's ready whenever you need it. They're more energy-efficient too, which means lower bills for you and less strain on the environment. Plus, their small footprint makes them easy to fit into tight spaces, a boon for homeowners looking to maximize utility areas. So when your old, bulky water heater starts acting up, consider going tankless for a smarter, more efficient solution.

Maintenance Tips for Longer Heater Life

Maintaining a water heater doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A little extra care goes a long way in preventing an emergency water heater repair in Douglasville. Here's how:

  • Regular Inspections: At least once a year, have a professional take a look at your system.
  • Drain and Flush the Tank: To remove sediment, drain and flush your tank annually.
  • Check the Anode Rod: This is the part that prevents your tank from rusting. Replace it every few years or when it looks worn out.
  • Insulate: Wrapping your water heater in an insulation blanket can help maintain the temperature and reduce energy costs.

Do You Need a Water Heater Repair in Douglasville, GA? 

Whether you need a routine maintenance service or hot water heater installers in Douglasville, the local plumbers at New Era Plumbing is all about helping you keep the hot water flowing without emptying your wallet. When it comes to water heater issues, quick fixes aren't the answer, you need reliable solutions. Contact our office for more details or to schedule your gas or electric hot water heater tank installation, water heater repair or hot water heater tank replacement in Douglasville, Georgia, or a nearby community. 

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