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The water heater is something you don't frequently consider until something goes wrong, but it’s an essential component of your house. A family is dependent on a water heater for many household tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and hot showers. And it becomes even more obvious how much it’s needed when you consider the number of people that live in a household. That is why having a trustworthy and high-quality water heater is essential for any home. Unfortunately, these appliances also complete their lifespan after some time, and even if you try to receive professional help to fix it multiple times, after some point, trying to repair the water heater might become pointless. In this article, we will go over some of the signs that show it’s time to replace your water heaters.


Sediment Build-Up

Discolored water is one of the most frequent problems with outdated water heaters. There are a few reasons behind this problem. Rust accumulates and may seep into the water supply when corrosion occurs. As a result, the water flowing from the faucets becomes discolored. Sand or cloudiness in the water can occasionally be attributed to sediment accumulation in the heater tank. Homeowners can resolve this problem by emptying the tank and removing the silt. But the heater needs to be changed if the water is still blurry or sandy.

The Age

Standard water heaters often require replacement after ten years of use. If your system is more than ten years old, you should, at the very least, think about water heater replacement. You might be able to get a few more years out of it. If you recently bought a house and don’t know how old the water heater is, you can examine the serial number on your water heater to find out.

Puddles of Water

There's a greater likelihood that water will accumulate on the floor surrounding the tank as your water heater gets closer to its end of life. Leaks are usually indicated when water is observed. A leak could cause serious damage to your property, depending on where in your home the water heater is situated. A significant leak in your water heater would, therefore, be the most dangerous issue that could arise.

Required Amount of Hot Water

A family that has more people living in it than the heater can accommodate is most likely to see a decline in water heat and the need to replace the heater. The needs of your home might surpass the capacity of your present water heater if the number of people living in your home has increased from the previous year or six months ago. Given the size and consumption needs of your present home, it could be time to replace the water heater with a more capable model.

Professional Plumbing Services

In order to improve energy efficiency and guarantee a steady supply of hot water, replacing your water heater is a wise choice. For a smooth transition, it's essential to entrust this work to a qualified plumber and reputable plumbing firm, and that’s where New Era Plumbing & Septic comes into play. Proper installation minimizes potential problems and extends the life of the new water heater; these are ensured by the experience of a licensed plumber. Call us today to learn more about our plumbing services.


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