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Dealing with water leaks or other serious problems can be a nightmare for homeowners who need a plumber fast. They’re trying to deal with the issue while trying to find the best company to call to repair it for them. New Era Plumbing, LLC can provide you with a reliable plumber in Austell, GA, regardless of if it is a scheduled appointment or for an emergency plumbing situation.


We strive to be your trusted plumbing company in the area. Our professional staff has many years of experience dealing with any plumbing problem that a homeowner may have. We offer preventive plumbing maintenance to help stop an emergency from happening.

Our staff can do a plumbing repair on anything dealing with waterlines inside or outside of the home. We can inspect lines that could cause a water leak problem in the future. Our staff can replace any lines they think could cause serious water damage when nobody is at home.

A homeowner can need a new plumbing fixture installed. We are the experts to get that done for them. They might need a new dishwasher connected to the plumbing. All they need to do is contact us. Anything dealing with plumbing is what we handle.

Water Heater Services

New Era Plumbing, LLC can provide the service every homeowner needs when they’re considering a water heater replacement. Our staff has the expertise to install any water heater system a homeowner wants. We can take out that old traditional water heater to install one of the new tankless water heaters for better energy efficiency.

Should you need water heater repair in Austell, GA, we are the plumbing company that can get the job done. A lot can go wrong with the various types of water heaters available. A broken thermostat or a thermocouple can stop the units from heating water to designated temperatures. Tankless systems must be flushed out to remove sediment to operate correctly.

Leaking tanks might need repair or replacement. A tank with a bad leak at the base of the unit will need to be removed to replace it with a new tank. New Era Plumbing, LLC can take care of any repairs or maintenance a homeowner needs with water heater systems. Contact us for water heater services or water heater installation in the Austell area.

Contact us by filling out the customer form on our website or call us today at (404) 629-9478.

Sewer & Drain Service Austell, GA

We are the drain cleaning company everyone relies on when they have an issue. A clogged drain can be caused by excessive amounts of hair and grease building up inside the plumbing line. Food from dishwashing can accumulate inside the pipe to make the problem worsen. We can clear the pipe out with drain cleaning.

Hydro jetting uses a high pressure of water to clean interior surfaces of plumbing pipes to remove the gunk stopping the water from leaving the drain. This is one way we can take care of clogged drains inside the home.

Sewer lines can develop the same issues from grease and other debris being stopped by tree roots invading the line. Many people don’t realize that tree roots will move to reliable sources of water during a severe drought. An auger might be used to chew up the roots inside the sewer line. We can also provide you with sewer repair services in the local area.

Drain Cleaning repair in Douglasville GA

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For drain cleaning services or plumbing repair, New Era Plumbing, LLC is the company to call. We can take care of anything a homeowner needs when it comes to plumbing. Our expert staff can make emergency repairs when you need us.

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