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Our plumbing company is committed to excellent customer service when the need for an industry expert should arise. Whether a homeowner has a clogged drain or needs emergency plumbing, our professionals will get the job done. Our staff can take care of any water heater services required.

Problems with plumbing seem to never go away. This is why homeowners in the metro area always contact New Era Plumbing, LLC first when they need the services of an experienced plumber in Atlanta, GA.

What Plumbing Services Do We Offer in Atlanta?

We offer a vast array of plumbing services to people in the Atlanta and surrounding areas that need a high-quality plumbing company, including:

Routine plumbing maintenance is an excellent option for keeping all the home’s water pipes inspected regularly. It helps reduce the chances of having plumbing problems. Our company does the main water line inspection to make sure the homeowner is getting the water they need. We can help with sump pump maintenance and repairs. Our staff can help a homeowner with a new pump selection should the old one need a replacement.

Plumbing problems can happen anytime. They can do some serious damage quickly. This is why all homeowners should contact us when they need emergency plumbing services.

Water Heater Repair in Atlanta, GA

Many problems can develop with a water heater. Most homeowners won’t notice the water heater isn’t working until they take a bath or shower. New Era Plumbing, LLC is the company to contact when the water heater stops working. We are one of the best solutions for water heater repair in Atlanta, GA.

Water heaters have a maximum life between 10 to 15 years. Some of them fail while still in their prime. Sediment and mineral buildup can cause the tank to leak. Any leaks around the base of the reservoir mean the homeowner will need a water heater replacement.

A new water heater installation could be from a homeowner wanting to convert the house from traditional tank systems to tankless water heaters. New Era Plumbing, LLC can handle that job for anyone who requests it. Water heater repair might be all that is required to fix the problem. A burned-out element could need replacement inside the tank for an electric heater. The thermocouple on a gas unit might be broken. The simple fix is to replace it. Our service staff has the experience and knowledge to repair any problems with water heaters.

Drain Cleaning in Atlanta, GA

Never allow a drain problem to go without calling our company for drain cleaning in Atlanta, GA. Hard water allows minerals to travel into the plumbing lines. Combine it with paper products and hair to cause more serious problems with a clogged drain.

Tree roots can grow into sewer lines when the weather pattern changes to a prolonged dry spell. It will cause a blockage inside the line that can cause the commode water to back up inside the house. Our company specializes in drain cleaning services. We can clean out the sewer line with hydro jetting to break up the tree roots and other debris preventing the line to drain. We are the drain cleaning company to get in touch with for any problems.

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