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New Era Plumbing, LLC understands that our clients want to maintain the full functionality of their plumbing fixtures and system. When we provide a service, our goal is always to get your plumbing back to working order as quickly as possible. We not only focus on repairing current issues, but also promoting maintenance and preventing problems in the future. In addition to general repairs and maintenance services, we offer emergency plumbing help and can send a plumber in Fairburn, GA, from our team to increase the efficiency of the amount of water consumed through toilets, showerheads, and faucets.

Plumbing Services

Our Fairburn plumbers are well-versed in the complexities of plumbing maintenance and repair. Our experience has provided us with an understanding of a variety of plumbing systems, as well as an ability to quickly identify issues and effectively address problems.

Proactivity is the backbone of our work. We want to help you avoid emergencies, increase efficiency in your home, and of course, save money. With these goals in mind, we complete plumbing repairs and other services with the intent of lasting quality. From minor repairs to drain cleaning to our 24/7 emergency services, you can count on us to provide top-notch work!

Sewer and Drain Services

A timely plumbing repair brings comfort, allowing kitchens and bathrooms to serve their purposes. New Era Plumbing, LLC is dedicated to preserving your home and office sanitation by ensuring reliable sewer repair services. This also ensures the proper removal of waste that can cause communicable diseases to spread. Moreover, we are a drain cleaning company that makes its repair and maintenance process easy by using modern equipment like a hydro jet. Hydro jetting is a precise and clean method to clear away clogs by blasting water at high pressure. This means the professional plumbers will not manually dig out obstructions but would directly push them out, clearing the pipes.

Water Heater Repair

From using warm water for showers to cleaning greasy dishes after a meal, water heater services are a necessary part of our range of solutions in the local area. But what few realize is that without undergoing maintenance, traditional and tankless water heaters are at constant risk for losing efficiency. As hard water is processed by the heater, the calcium build-up occurs by slowly depositing within the system. This compost of loose minerals sinks to the bottom of the heater, causing it to use more energy to produce hot water. This lowers its efficiency by not just putting more load on the environment to generate the required energy, but also reflects increased charges on our electricity and gas bills. A water heater repair in Fairburn, GA, ensures its efficiency is restored to its utmost standard.

Moreover, those who need heaters catering to large families should go for tankless water heaters. Due to there being no limitation such as a storage tank, tankless water heaters provide an unlimited supply of hot water. These heaters on average last for more than 20 years, which shows we can derive a greater value of our money if we keep them well maintained. Water heater installation for tankless heaters may cost more but they offer a far more sustainable return than standard heaters. So, if you’re looking for a water heater replacement, consider a tankless one.

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New Era Plumbing, LLC serves Fairburn, GA, by providing comprehensive plumbing and drain cleaning services to residential and commercial facilities. Highly trusted and recommended, our company ensures complete client satisfaction beyond their expectations. Our licensed, trained, and highly qualified plumbers are willing to be at your service promptly.

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