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The worst thing a homeowner can do is call an inexperienced DIY enthusiast when they are having sewage problems caused by heavy rain. It can cause the toilets and washing machine to back up into the house. This is a serious health hazard for the family to be exposed to. New Era Plumbing, LLC can take care of those problems before they get out of control. Contact us at the first signs of a plumbing problem.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing problems can be something as simple as a leaking faucet to a major sewer system backup. Our plumbing company can handle any type of plumbing repair a homeowner will need. We are always available for homeowners when they need a plumber in Lithia Springs, GA.

Low water pressure is a common issue with older homes. Leaking pipes that have corroded over the years can cause it. Many older homes still have copper plumbing installed. We can go into those homes to replace all the old plumbing with new lines.

New Era Plumbing, LLC is the company to contact when homeowners need a plumbing maintenance service. We can replace and install new bathtubs and commodes. Our staff can handle any plumbing problem from years of experience on the job. We do emergency plumbing repair for people in the area that need the problem taken care of fast.

Water Heater Services

Having a steady supply of hot water is a necessity that none of us can do without. We need it to shower with. We must have it to wash dishes and clothes. All it takes is one little problem within the water heater to stop it from working. Water heater services are another area our company specializes in.

A homeowner might discover they have a serious leak with the tank reservoir. When a tank has leaks at the base, it means a new one will need to be installed. Our personnel handle water heater replacement a lot during a typical month. They spend many hours assisting customers with water heater repair needs.

Heating elements can burn out on electric water heaters. Calcium and mineral buildup can cause a tankless water heater system to stop working effectively. Problems can develop with gas-fired units involving the gas valve or burner. We can solve those problems by installing tankless water heaters.

We know from experience how to repair any problems with water heaters. You might want to change the traditional water heater over to a new high-efficiency tankless model. Our staff can provide a water heater installation you need.

Sewer and Drain

A clogged drain is another problem that a homeowner wants taken care of. Some people might try over-the-counter products for drain cleaning. We don’t recommend them because the products can be corrosive to waterlines. Our drain cleaning services can take care of those problems.

Heavy amounts of rain can lead to homeowners having sewer problems. Our drain cleaning company will use hydro jetting to clean out any lines that are clogged. The septic tank could be full of water from too much rain accumulation. We can solve that problem for all homeowners in the area.

We are also well-versed in all types of sewer repair services and even sewer line replacement. When a damaged sewer pipe is causing you a lot of trouble, get in touch with us right away to handle the issue.

Contact us by filling out the customer form on our website or call us today at (404) 629-9478.

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Never let problems go without the help of New Era Plumbing. Our company receives requests about everything that can go wrong with plumbing. We strive to please all our clients. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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