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When you're adding any new plumbing fixtures to your home, you need to know that the job is being completed by a professional you can trust. Our professional plumbers will be able to provide you with the highest quality installations possible […]

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When you encounter any problems with your home's plumbing system, you need prompt and professional repairs performed. Our experts will so whatever it takes to make sure that every part of your plumbing system is always functional and efficient […]

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After any of your plumbing fixtures fail, you need to have high quality replacements installed. At New Era Plumbing, we can work with you to choose the perfect new fixtures for your home and provide you with the best installation services […]

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Our plumbers are always ready and eager to provide you with high quality plumbing services. We'll schedule an appointment that meets your needs and is as convenient as possible. If you need emergency repairs, our plumbers are available 24/7 […]

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Douglasville Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration ServicesNew Era Plumbing is a first responder water damage restoration specialist in Douglasville. Our team provides excellent and fast service to get your Douglasville home back in order after water damage. We help Atlanta and surrounding area homeowners with the distressing aftermath of flooding. Whether the water damage is from the plumbing, flash-floods, or levees overflowing, we are here to provide 24/7 service.

With surprises like the Douglasville flood in 2009, the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and Harvey, and the strong storms that often roll through Northern Georgia, it is important to be prepared at all times for emergencies. When a disaster happens, it is a highly stressful time. So being as prepared as possible with the information you need will make a big difference. Residents are advised to have a plan. This should include knowing who to call for Douglasville home restoration service.

Keep our number in a safe and ready place so the restoration process will not be so difficult for you and your family. The sludge and water damage will need to be taken care of as soon as possible to save the home structure from extensive damage. New Era Plumbing will do everything we can to get your life back to normal.

  • Call 404-629-9478
  • 24/7 Emergency Restorations
  • Licensed, Insured, Bonded
  • Documentation & Help With Insurance Claims
  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, & Restoration Certification

About Our Water Damage Restoration Services

New Era Plumbing will make sure your Douglasville water damage restoration service is handled professionally. You have a trusted and local company that will work with you closely to cope with any type of home flooding. We are fully equipped with the water extraction pumps, turbo drying fans, moisture detection tools, commercial-grade dehumidifiers, and everything else needed to get rid of the water.

We use environmentally friendly deodorizers to remove odors, sanitizers to remove bacteria, and microorganism killing solutions to remove and prevent mold or mildew. We also use equipment to restore your furniture and carpeting to previous dry and sanitary condition.

When we respond to your water damage restoration call, we thoroughly assess and document the damage. We take care of the immediate needs to include water extraction and drying. We'll test for mold and bacteria as well so we can treat it after drying.

We often find that there are belongings and building materials that can't be saved. However, there is always much which can be salvaged, especially with the restoration equipment we have.

This is a difficult time for you and your family whether the flooding was from a busted water tank, a leaky pipe, or a full-on flood from a storm. We'll do all we can to communicate with you throughout the restoration process so you know what to expect. Our team is experienced and skilled at dealing with all types of water damage, so you can count on us throughout the whole process.

  • Fast Response
  • Water Extraction
  • Quick Drying
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Commercial-grade Dehumidifiers
  • Eco-Friendly Disinfectants & Sanitizers

About Sewage Water Damage

A sewer backup or a sewer line break is highly unsanitary. The waters that flood your home are riddled with seriously unhealthy bacteria and viruses. If the drains in your home back up or flash-floods bring water into your home, the water is contaminated. Not only does the water damage the carpeting, furnishings, walls, and floors of the home, the contaminants coat everything.

Rather than waiting, call New Era Plumbing for water damage restoration service. We will repair the sewer line and the damage after water extraction, drying, and sanitation treatment. We are able to treat the problem quickly and effectively to reduce further damage. Be careful to keep yourself, pets, and your family members away from the sewage waste water and sanitize those who come into contact with it as soon as you can afterward. Then call us at 404-629-9478 for 24/7 emergency restoration service.

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To contact us about Water Damage Restoration Service in Douglasville, GA, please call New Era Plumbing at 404-629-9478 or complete our online request form.