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Taking the water used every day for granted is something most people do. You expect that clean, potable water will flow through the taps whenever you need it. Fortunately, this is how it goes most of the time, but sometimes you need a plumber in Douglasville, GA, and nearby areas to help you address main water line problems.

Have you recently noticed a drop in water pressure at your home? Has the water changed colors coming from your taps? Do you have a spot in your yard that’s soggy and greener than other areas? If so, you may have a damaged water line.

New Era Plumbing is a local plumbing company serving Douglasville, GA, and surrounding areas. We diagnose water line problems and offer quality repairs that include underground water line repair. When you need emergency plumbing for water line problems, we’re here for you.

Signs Of Main Water Line Problems

As we mentioned above, there are tell-tale signs that indicate you have a problem with the main water line. 

These signs include the following:

  • Sudden drop in water pressure
  • Water that tastes funny
  • Wet yards near where the water line is buried
  • Discolored water that flows from all taps
  • Higher than average water bills

How do you know if you need plumbing repairs for a main line issue? When you suddenly lose water pressure, first check with your municipal water supplier. Is there a problem on their end? Sometimes, when the city conducts fire hydrant testing, this can affect water pressure. If the city confirms everything is fine on their end, then you need a plumber in Douglasville, GA, and nearby areas to come out to your home to diagnose the problem.  

In addition, pay attention to your water bills. Spikes in water usage usually occur when there’s a break in the main line that brings water into your home. You may not notice the leak right away, but a higher than usual water bill clues you into the problem.

Fixing Main Water Line Issues

When water line repairs are needed, homeowners want low-impact solutions to minimize the damage to their yards. At New Era Plumbing, we work with our customers to find the best repair and replacement solutions to keep yard disturbance to a minimum.

We use sewer camera equipment to determine the location and exact cause of the problem before we make plumbing repair suggestions. Some main line problems can be fixed using hydro-jetting, and others need complete pipe replacement. No matter what the solution is, our customers can have peace of mind that we’re always looking for the most cost-effective way to fix the problem.

We provide plumbing maintenance in:

Water Line Plumbing Maintenance

Water lines are built to last a long time. You can extend the life of your main water line by being careful about where you dig and having the line inspected for small leaks or other damage once a year. If you have questions about plumbing maintenance, our experts are here to answer your questions. Our team also offers drain cleaning, plumbing services, and sewer & drain solutions in the local area.

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We are a local plumbing company offering emergency plumbing, maintenance, and new plumbing installation. 

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If you’re ever faced with a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night, don’t worry! We are always available to help! You can reach one of our specialists 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We are devoted to providing the very best customer service in the area.

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    THIS IS A MUST-READ: Fernando, thank you soooooo much. When I was looking for plumbers I had 3 previous quotes that didn't amount to the money that I saved with New Era Plumbing. But you know that usually good prices come with bad service or good service comes with high prices. What pushed me over the edge was NOT JUST the unbeatable price but the service was Grade A+. My Plumber, and notice that I said "MY" Plumber because I was extremely pleased with his knowledge and his way of breaking things down for me to understand. Fernando, you were phenomenal!!! I will forever be a client of New Eras and Fernando as "my" plumber! Hands down on time, reasonable prices, and OUTSTANDING SERVICE!

    Ronisha P.

    I highly recommend New Era Plumbing! Michael was so friendly and respectful. He discussed everything with me and asked me questions to determine the problem rather than coming in and just deciding that he knew what to do. He was hilarious and my kids thought he was so cool because he plays Pokémon Go. Scheduling was a BREEZE, and they were more than willing to work with my schedule. I can’t say enough good things! Call them! You won’t regret it!

    Amy C.

    Bobby from New Era Plumbing took excellent care of us! He arrived promptly, had a very professional demeanor, and was immediately able to diagnose our plumbing issues. He came prepared, repaired everything within the same trip, and with the warranties, the company offered, built up our confidence so we felt our money was well spent. We will not hesitate one second to request him for our all of our future plumbing needs. Thank you so much!

    Michelle T.

    I only do surveys on a particular business when I believe that the business did excellent work. BJ, his coworker, and the entire New Era Plumbing team were fantastic from the time that I placed my car for an estimate until they completed the job. I can’t think of them enough for their professionalism and the quality of work that they performed at my home and I recommend them to anyone who has need of plumbing service. I have their number saved on speed dial just in case anything comes up and this is the business that I will be using to handle all of my needs going forward. Thank you for a job well done.

    Matthew J.

    The two service techs that came out (Bobby & Carlos) were highly professional. After replacing a leaking toilet, faucet & valves... the work area was left exceptionally clean. They also made sure I checked everything in their presence before leaving. They were personable, yet remained professional and represented the company very well. Should I need further service, I would definitely use them again and request the same techs.

    Robyn H.

    I had to call New Era Plumbing to unclog my bathroom sink which was clogged with hair and God knows what else. I was very impressed with this company as I was very upset and trying to get my sink unclogged asap. When I called they arrived very swiftly asked me the problem and were able in no time to unclog my bathroom sink and give me tips on how to keep my drain clear. I was very impressed with this company not only did they come quickly called they were very affordable and helpful and courteous. Their customer service is unmatched. I would definitely recommend this company for your plumbing needs!

    Erica J.

    New Era Plumbing is nice, fast & pocket friendly. I’ve used other companies in the past and it seemed like I was always calling them back because the issue wasn’t resolved ... it wasn’t Until someone recommended me to New Era Plumbing. I called and they came out the same day and fixed my ongoing problem, it’s been a few months now and I’ve had no problems. Such great service is professional and does not leave a mess for you to clean. I will most definitely recommend this company to anyone having plumbing issues. THANK YOU NEW ERA PLUMBING!!!

    Lisha W.

    I called New Era Plumbing for an estimate to install a new tankless water heater. They were very responsive. The technician, BJ, and his partner showed up promptly at 8 AM the next day. He walked the job, listened to what I had in mind, and made suggestions/recommendations. BJ was very knowledgeable and professional. He was able to provide a quote within minutes of inspecting the Job.

    Sharon C

    We had a broken shower faucet due to my son falling in the shower(he was not hurt) causing the pipe to be ripped out of the wall. I called at 9:30 am, I was told someone would be there between 12-3 which was great. Jamie the tech showed up at 11:30 am, he was professional, and quick and even suggested we put in an access panel so that if in the future we need access again we wouldn’t have to damage the sheetrock. As a homeowner it’s always scary calling someone new to work on your home, I’ve had some really bad experiences over the years but I will be calling New Era next time I need plumbing work for sure. Thanks, Jamie and New Era!

    Chris K.