Why Households With Busy Bathrooms?

Tankless Water HeaterFor large families living under one roof, the chances that the fridge is always full and the bathroom is always occupied are pretty high. Daily races to the shower are combined with daily worries of electricity usage. Furthermore, there is still that one family member who has to suffer through a cold shower after waiting impatiently for others to finish their morning cleaning routine and there is always that dreaded electricity bill that arrives at the end of the month. These are unfortunately real-life truths, but the truth is, there is a solution.

Welcome Your New Family Member

This solution comes in the form of a tankless water heater Рyour new family member. And while not a human member of the family, this tankless water heater solution will serve its function within the household, completing its chores of providing hot water and playing its part to reduce electricity usage.

A tankless water heater that’s properly installed by a plumber in Douglasville, GA, and the surrounding areas from our team, can provide virtually unlimited hot water, unlike a traditional water heater that eventually runs out of hot water. This means the whole family can enjoy hot showers in the morning or at night. And even with its constant, steady supply of hot water, this excellent water heater solution still uses less energy when compared to tanked units believe it or not.

Hot Water Without The Electricity Hike

Why? Well, since water doesn’t have to be kept warm while it’s stored, a tankless water heater only uses energy when hot water is used. Better yet, newer tankless units utilize a second heat exchanger to achieve even higher energy efficiencies, leading to even more significant savings on your utility bill.

Similar to a tank water heater, this tankless water heater also possesses a cold water supply line, a line that carries the heated water, a gas line, and an exhaust vent. But this is where the similarities end. One of the significant differences between the two tanks is in its functioning. Good to know that a waterless water heater acts more like a furnace forcing cold water through tubes that reside in a heat exchanger. This heat exchanger is responsible for gathering heat from the gas-fired flames and transferring that heat to the pipes.

The tankless water heater sensor detects the temperature of the water as it leaves the tank. And if the measured temperature drifts from the set temperature, the tankless water heater automatically adjusts the water flow, air intake, and gas flow to change the temperature of the heated water. Sounds too technical? Well, keep the technicalities to the plumbers then and let us install your new tankless solution today. You can focus on the benefits, and we’ll focus on the installation and maintenance of your new, soon-to-be-purchased tankless water heater.

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At New Era Plumber, we are well-known for our skills in installing all types of water heater units, including tankless models. Our professional and caring plumbers will go the extra mile to ensure you’re delighted with your water heater installation or repair. Please email us or call or a quotation or for more information on our affordable, high-quality products and services.